27 Unsolved: The Tricia Reitler Story

On March 19th, 1993, 19-year-old Tricia Reitler went missing from Marion, Indiana, where she was attending college at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Twenty-seven years later, Tricia’s disappearance is still an unsolved mystery.

Channel 27 News and Entertainment’s new show, 27 Unsolved, will feature Tricia Reitler and her mysterious disappearance on its premiere episode, which is set to air on Sunday, March 29th, at 9:00 PM.

27 Unsolved is a new documentary series that will feature local unsolved crimes and mysteries, in hopes that someone watching might remember something that could lead to a break in the cold cases that are featured.

This premiere episode is being brought to Grant County residents by Jackie Vest, John Humphries, Heather France, and Richarh Tyson.

When asked why they chose to feature the disappearance of Tricia Reitler in their first episode, Jackie Vest said,

There are many questions unanswered in this case that ultimately could be answered by viewing audiences. There is evidence we show that proves there where people of the public at a certain time and place, that could come forward with information. My hopes as the investigative journalist is that the case will be handed over to another department or the case be filed as a cold case file. In doing so, maybe fresh eyes on this case will bring justice for Tricia Reitler and some peace to the Reitler family.

Speaking of the Reitler family, those involved in the show traveled to the Reitler family home to interview Tricia’s loved ones. That interview will be featured in the episode.

John Humphries, who will narrate the series, stated “I feel like this family needs answers and I can’t imagine what they’ve been through all these years.”

When asked why people should tune in to this premiere episode of 27 Unsolved, Heather France responded by saying, ” People should tune in so they can learn about her case and the possibilities of what happened to her. They may remember details or may even know the person who is responsible.” She added that she decided to be involved in this documentary “to help keep Tricia’s case in the public’s eyes. My goal is to help generate more tips and leads which will hopefully lead to a location in finding her.”

Local actor, Jade Wood, will appear in the documentary, playing the role of Tricia Reitler.

“I feel honored to be apart of a story like this because I feel like it’s a story that needs to be told,” said Wood. “It’s scary because things tragic like this can happen to anyone anywhere. I am her age and I am going to college soon, so I did feel a sense of connection, grief, and loss when playing her for just a short shot.”

Channel 27 found Wood through a social media casting call, and people have been blown away by her resemblance to Reitler, including Reitler’s mother, who commented that Wood was “breathtaking.”

In addition to approving of the casting choice, Reitler’s parents also approve of the episode featuring their missing daughter, and they gave us the following statement:

We are thrilled the documentary has been put together. Our hope is that someone will be touched by it and come forth with information no matter how small. We do believe someone out there holds the answers we so desperately seek. Our hope too is that the case may get fresh eyes and reopened by the Marion Police Dept.    We realize the case has never been officially closed but we feel enough time has passed that fresh eyes should examine all information. We just want to bring Tricia home. 27 years is a very long time. How can you truly move on without peace and answers. The answer to that is you really can’t.  We are grateful for all the hard work that has gone into the documentary and we are also grateful for the Marion community that have lovingly embraced our family. Now I once again ask that we continue to fight together to bring Tricia home again.

Tricia Reitler’s parents with the Channel 27 Crew

You can watch the episode about Tricia Reitler’s disappearance on March 29 at 9:00 PM on the Channel 27 News and Entertainment’s Facebook page, at https://www.facebook.com/tysonmediaoutlet/.

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