“A Night of Freedom” Shines a Light on Addiction Recovery in Grant County

by Katherine Perryman

People in the grant county community all came together Friday night to celebrate a free event called “A Night of Freedom,” hosted by Terra and Brandon Chism at their popular cycling and fitness studio in Gas City called Cycle R.I.D.E. It was parterned with John Humphries from Lifted Addiction and chairs were donated by the Grant County Rescue Mission.

Over 200 people attended the event, doubling the original expectation of 100 people. Cake and pizza were provided free of charge for anyone in attendance courtesy of Cycle R.I.D.E.

As a planned aspect of the event, several people shared powerful, inspiring and deeply personal lived experiences in overcoming addiction to show recovery is possible.

Too often, people battling addiction tend to be judged and pre-determined to fail when recovery is very possible. Addiction doesn’t discriminate in its victims, but there are many incredible examples of recovery just within our community. It was an emotionally empowering and moving experience for those who were present on Friday night and got to witness the shared stories of hope and strength.

Terra Chism, co-owner of Cycle R.I.D.E. and Rabbit Food Café said

“One of my favorite parts for me was seeing our church family show up: the pastors, the members of the church, part of the worship team. They came and showed up just to love on us and support us encourage us, and I think that’s so important for people in recovery. Not necessarily from recovery from drugs or alcohol but recovery from trauma and abuse and abandonment, and it’s really nice to know you have a family here for you, even in those small moments and big moments, to cheer you on.”

Everyone was given glow sticks upon arrival to honor Casey O’Neil, a loved wife and mother who passed away earlier this week following her battle with addiction. Loved ones gathered to share memories, poems and give a moment of silence in the wake of her absence.

Cycle R.I.D.E. is a cycling fitness studio that offers fitness classes, spin classes, personal training and even its own vegan food bar called Rabbit Food Café. Classes are an unbeatable price of $5 per class or unlimited memberships can be purchased at their facility.

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