Cannabis Warriors Go To The State House

By Haley Mullins

Monday Hoosiers from all over gathered in numbers on the steps of the Indiana State House to let their voices be heard for medical cannabis in the state of Indiana.

I was lucky enough to be among the many cannabis rights warriors holding signs and chanting for legal cannabis. Many spoke on their passionate reasons for supporting legal cannabis for Hoosiers, shared stories of the loved ones who passed and may have benefited from Indiana legalizing.

Also taking the mic was a local Grant county resident, Shelly Brewer. She spoke of her work as a research nurse and the many people and their illnesses she has seen helped with CBD and cannabis.

This rally came just 24 hours before the first Indiana session is set to begin. Those who gathered for Hoosiers legal rights to cannabis are hopeful for the 2020 session, and what it could mean for Hoosiers and their rights when it comes to cannabis.

For one Indiana parent among the crowd, it will be a bitter sweet victory for Hoosiers to gain legal access to cannabis. David Curtis and his wife Heidi unfortunately lost their 6 year old daughter Charly to a battle with epilepsy. He says the happiest he’s seen his daughter was when she was able to get access to cannabis for a two week period. David was away in Colorado trying to obtain more medicine for his daughter when she passed away.

If cannabis laws are reformed in Indiana it will make for a momentous change in Indiana history.

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