Channel 27’s Richarh Tyson Sits Down with Artist Tony2Tiime to Talk About His Latest Hit Single

A note from Richarh: We came across Tony2Tiime back in 2015, when he released his single, Cuff Her. Now, immediately, when we heard it, we knew it was a hit, and we figured that Tony2Tiime would be destined for success. The song had all the right elements: the hook was catchy, the beat was on point, and it just sounded perfect. It set the mood to party. You know, you could get with a group of ladies and just chill. We have been in contact with Tony2Tiime here and there since then, but now, here in 2020, he has released another single that has taken off, called Pipe Down. It has taken off in the form of women and girls all across the world doing TickTok videos, from New Zealand to the Netherlands, and across the United States. We caught up with Tony2Tiime to talk to him about what happened after Cuff Her, what’s going on now, and what he sees coming in the future.

Here is the interview with Tony2Tiime in its entirety:

I’m hearing it’s your birthday weekend, got a new hot single out there, so, man, how was this past weekend for you?

The weekend was pretty chill, man. It’s been a while since I’ve actually done something exclusive for my birthday, like in the past five years, because you know I’m getting old now, man. I ain’t really did nothing exclusive, I just kind of kicked it with my family, you know what I”m saying. They made your boy a homemade strawberry cheesecake, had a couple beers, a couple shots…

We first came across you, man, five years ago with the (WHAT). First time I heard it, man, I reached right out to you, I’m like, man, homey got a hit on his hands. How has life been since that single? Honestly, I expected, when that dropped, I was getting ready to see you everywhere. What’s the journey been like?

I was actually — me and you had the same type of intentions. I thought that I was going to take off from it. One of the main things was a lot of the — see, the thing is that I had to realize with that, the business aspect is very, very important, bro. You know what I”m saying, when it comes to this music, man. There is no, like, you have a couple people, a couple artists, that might end up knowing somebody that knows somebody, and that’s how they get in the door. Or, right now, because of social media, you can just go viral pretty much in the blink of an eye if you got something. But if the business aspect isn’t in order, I mean, nothing’s really going to transpire after that. So, I had to really, like, dive in head first, man, and figure out what steps I needed to take in order to get myself to that level of success that I really want to have. I mean, I really don’t care about the fame or none of that. I just want to make sure I’m able to take care of my family at the end of the day and do what I love to do in the process. The journey’s been pretty dope, man, because I’ve been learning a lot. I’m still learning as time has gone by, but I have learned a lot, bro.

Tell me, what are some of the things you learned, tell me some of the things you sat down and told yourself you needed to do and that you took off doing?

Okay, so, one of the first things that I needed to learn was exactly what do i need to have in order for myself to be successful. And that came with changing my surroundings, with a lot of people that were still stuck in a certain type of mind state, with me actually investing into my own success, and me just learning the outlets, like I said before, just learning the outlets of what exactly do I need to do with the music, and how do I need to present it in order for it to be a success. That was basically me learning about my brand. Like, branding myself. When people see me, when they hear the name Tony2Tiime, what is the first thing that comes to their mind? Like, when you see the golden arch, what comes to your mind? Happy Meals, smiley face, clowns, people eating burgers and being happy. And when you see a check, you think about Nike, you think about athletes. You know there’s so many that’s attached to a brand, and I had to figure out exactly how I needed to brand myself. Who am I and how do I want people to view me when they see me or when they hear my name?

Tell everybody that don’t know, man, tell them where you’re from.

I was born and raised in Gary, Indiana, man. Same city Michael Jackson came from. It was the murder cap. for like seven years. The extra name for it is Gangster Island. I was born and raised out there, man. I stayed in Delaney projects, I stayed at 2nd and Van Buren, I used to be on Massachusetts street, I went to Pittman’s Square, I went to Riley… and I went to Beckman.

With all the smoke that was going on… what years was you out there, moving around in the city?

From the day I was born until, ehh, I might say probably, like, 2004. I started, like, really getting out and exploring and moving around, like, just realizing that it’s more than just Gary, Indiana. I had to start getting out there.

How did you stay focused and avoid all the drama and pitfalls, because I know there’s plenty of them there.

I had my moments. I’m not going to sit up there and lie and make it seem like I always had tunnel vision, because that would be a lie. I did have moments where I was slipping, because I used to deal with a lot of people out in the streets, and I was somebody that a lot of people knew about. But the main thing is my children, like I knew for a fact that I couldn’t allow myself to get caught slipping out there, because I had to make this possible — my dream — which is to be able to provide, take care of them, and make everybody in my family proud of me at the end of the day. So, with that being in the back of my head, that’s all I really needed. That kept me from making a lot of bad decisions, even though I did make some bad decisions, but, like, you know one of those one time situations that will cause you a lifetime of anguish? I was able to avoid those because of that, because of my family.

So, now, where are you located now?

I’m in Tennessee right now.

How did that move take place?

Well, you know the Corona hit not too long ago, man, and I was staying in Chicago, and my brother had called me, because he had been living out here — his name is Essex Miller — that’s my oldest brother out of all of us. He was always one of my bros that I really looked up to, he taught me a lot. He used to do music, too, and he was popular for a minute, but he pretty much just gave up on it because he wasn’t getting the return that he wanted to see, in the time frame he wanted to see it, if you understand what I”m saying. So, he gave me a call, and he was like, “bro, I feel like you need a change of scenery right now, man, you need to move around, you need to get up out of there,” because with the Coronavirus, there was a lot of extra stuff that was going on, that I don’t want to get in the intricate details about, but when he called me and he told me “I got opportunities for you out here”… I was like, alright, bet. You know what? I’m going to do that. I just let the universe carry me and take me in the direction where I felt like I needed to go. So, I came out here, and it’s been poppin’.

So, that brings us to now, man… Even though it’s been five years, man, you got the same sound, even though it’s five years later, but, to me, it’s like Pipe Down’s got the same potential as “had to Cuff Her.” Tell me what inspire that.

Dude. So, Pipe Down was — that wasn’t even planned, bro. That all was created, like, in the moment. It was all in the moment. One of the things that kind of inspired it was this woman that I had been communicating with — she stays out in Florida… She and I had been politicking for a while, but even though we were at a distance, she been really, like, holding me down as far as, like, on the mental-type level, you know just being a shoulder to lean on, somebody to talk to, when I had a lot of extra-curricular activity occurring in my life. Me and her had been politicking for a minute now, and I mention her name in the song, actually. My homie, Nick, which he goes by Pannick, he stays out in Colorado, so he was like, “yo, I’m about to be coming out there to visit for a little minute… you trying to make some music?” because me and him done some music in the past, and I was like “hell, yeah!” … So, he had came out, he handled his business. We had a few people come by the hotel, because he had got the hotel room close to where I was, and he had the whole studio set up there, inside of the hotel room, bro. We had a couple people come over, man, we kicked it, we had a couple drinks, chilled and whatever. He threw the beat on, because produced it, and I was vibing with it, and I started f-cking with the hook, the words came out, the “pipe down” thing… because I was just like, I want to go to Florida, and I want to go “pipe her down.” She was really, like, the influence for the song, even though every line isn’t about her, but she was really kind of like the influence for me coming up with Pipe Down.

And that’s cool, man. It’s like you all created a part atmosphere, which you know, coming up, a lot of us partied in hotels, so you created a party-like atmosphere to create a party jam. So, what’s your plans with Pipe Down? Where are you trying to take it, what are you trying to do with it?

Right now, man, like I said, Pipe Down — me and Panic, we recorded at least three songs for the two days that he was there, we recorded three dope songs. But Pipe Down, for some reason, was the one that stands out like a bum with his hands out, and the traction that it’s been gaining has just been f-cking outrageous, bro. It went over to the Philippines, and now, mind you, this is the rough draft — the song wasn’t even out yet, it wasn’t even out yet, but I know people in all types of places, so usually what I do when I create a song, I send it out to certain people, I let them listen to it, I got, like, my own personal critics… and that was the song that I liked, but it wasn’t my favorite. So, this time around, I actually went with the response I was getting from the people, rather than what I wanted to give them.

So, when she heard it, she was like “I like that song! I like that song!” She was like, “send it to me!” So I sent it to her, she stays out in the Philippines, and then she did like a little video for it, I guess, like, on TickTok or Instagram or something like that, and other people started reaching out to her, like “where’s this song at?” because they were, like, trying to get involved. And she was like, “I only got it.” So, they call it the “exclusive Pipe Down challenge,” because everybody couldn’t get it. You have to know somebody to get the song in order to even do the challenge. So, they kind of like created — the Phillippines created a challenge off the song. She started sending it out, and then other people started emailing it to the other people, and then other people, and then I started collecting the videos. Then it reached out to New Zealand, then it reached out to Sweden, and now it’s over in the US, man, and the traction and momentum that it’s gaining right now is astonishing to me, because I actually thought Cuff Her was going to do that. I thought Cuff Her was going to be that one, I’m not going to lie.

Me, too. Me, too.

I thought Cuff Her was going to be that one.

By the way, you can play that right now, and it’s — you can play Cuff Her right now, and it sounds like you recorded yesterday.

Yeah, yeah. I mean, it’s one of those songs that’s kind of like, it’s got a timeless feel to it. And that’s how I try to make all of my —

It was five years ago, and it don’t sound five years ago.

It don’t, do it? At all. At all.

I had to go spin it back. I said this mug’s still hot.

I appreciate that. I definitely appreciate that, bro. That was one of the ones, man. I really thought that one was going to take off.

I don’t think it’s over yet, bro.

It’s timing.

I think you’ll be able to bring that back up when the time is right.

Yeah. I might do that. You know, once Pipe Down do what I really feel like its really going to do, people are going to start looking out, they’re going to start reaching out and trying to find out exactly who I am, and when that comes up, it ain’t no telling how they might feel about it, because it’s going to be new to them, but it’s old to us.

So, what you got in your eye sights, man? What are you locked in on? What’s next? What’s the plan?

Well, I already got a follow-up single behind Pipe Down. Then I’m going to put — right now I’ve got people trying to put that in rotation, because, like I said, they’re really feeling it. I’ve got a show coming up on the 25th out in Atlanta for the car/bike show that I”ll be performing at. I got a radio interview on the 23rd for Pipe Down at FOXY105, and another radio station, 92.3, and they actually started a challenge — they was actually giving out a cash prize for people who was going to be sending in videos for the Pipe Down challenge. So, after Pipe Down does it’s thing, I’ve got another follow-up single that I’m going to drop after that, and hopefully it gives people that same type of feeling, in that same type of way that Pipe Down has given them. I’ve already been building my brand like crazy. I don’t have any intentions on signing no deals, unless the offer is really, really amazing, but between me and you, I have been offered a couple of deals and whatnot, from all of the traction that Pipe Down has been gaining, and I’ve been politicking with some pretty important people. But I’m just trying to weigh out my options right now. I’m not really focusing on becoming famous. I”m just trying to build that momentum, make great music for people to be able to listen to, and if I can make some money in the process, that would be magnificent.

Well, hey, man, we’re about to wrap this up. Anything that I didn’t cover, didn’t ask, that you want the people to know?

Yeah, uh… that I used to go by Tony2Tyme… now I’ve changed it to Tony2Tiime. I had to change that up.

Why is that?

Because I transcended, man. The “y” was the old me, you know what I’m saying, and the “ii,” because I can see everything so clearly now and my end game, my end goal, that I had to put two i’s in it, because I can see everything completely clear now, and I know exactly what direction I’m headed in, which is success. So, that’s pretty much the only thing I wanted people to know, man.

That’s what’s up, man. Well, shoot. THe interview is over with, we’re going to wrap that. I shot some stuff about you to my homie, I’m going to rap with him tomorrow, and see if he knows anywhere to send your music to… We might be able to assist you, or even be blessed to be a part of the journey, man.

Oh, man. That would be amazing, man. … I’m just appreciative of the opportunity in general, man, because it’s really going to do something major for me. I got my ducks lined in a row, and I know exactly what I’m doing. So, the fact that I even had the opportunity to do this, I appreciate it. Everything is going to happen in the time that it’s supposed to.

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To purchase Tony2Tiime and Pannick’s latest song, Pipe Down, CLICK HERE.

Here are the videos for both songs mentioned in this interview. They include adult content and language, so viewer discretion is advised.

Cuff Her.

Pipe Down

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