Cujo Ai Smart Internet Security Firewall

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Like most of us, keeping our personal information safe is a priority and this is why I use Cujo Ai Smart Internet Security Firewall.

What Is CUJO?

In today’s world where hacks and web threats are real even if you are not a big company, it is more important than ever to have business-level security on your home network.

It is also important to make sure every device you own is protected.

CUJO is a smart firewall.

It secures all of devices in your home as long as they are connected to your WiFi router.

I have been amazed at the numerous times CUJO has detected and blocked malicious sites, viruses, and hacks that I had no idea were even there.

When CUJO detects a threat, it sends a push notification to your phone.

When I first saw the push notifications appearing on my phone I was concerned, so I contacted CUJO tech support.

They explained CUJO was like an antivirus for my entire network and even though I was not trying to go to some of the sites I was seeing listed, there were all kinds of potential vulnerabilities I was being exposed to unknowingly such as adware, spyware and malware.

Cyber attacks, security threats, and home hackers are everywhere these days.

With CUJO connected in my home, I feel so much safer.

CUJO’s Main Features

  • Business-Level Internet Security
  • CUJO Guards All Devices
  • Parental Controls
  • CUJO Connects To Your Router, You Control It With An App
  • Blazing Fast (built with 1GB Ethernet)

CUJO Keeps Younger Family Members Safe Online!

Another really important reason to have a good firewall is to keep the kids and grandkids safe when they are online by letting you control what they can access.

The Internet is a really scary place for kids because there are so many potential threats from child predators, peer bullies and things children should not see that are so easily accessible these days.

Thankfully with CUJO parents and grandparents have a way to monitor what is going on online with their children or grandchildren, then do something about any potentially harmful situation before it spirals out of control.

It is easy to use the app to block all categories or simply a few.

The categories currently listed include:

  • News
  • Religion
  • Others – described as category which matches all other not selected categories
  • Shopping
  • Social
  • Streaming
  • Gaming
  • Rated R
  • Web email
  • Advertising sites
  • Adult
  • Entertainment

CUJO Parental Control Features

  • Parental controls for all devices
  • Internet filter
  • Time limits
  • Social media monitoring
  • Pause the internet
  • Alerts and reporting
  • Remote administration
  • User profiles and settings

Setting CUJO Up Is Super Easy Even For The Non-Tech Savvy

CUJO doesn’t come with a lot of instructions, in fact, they are almost non-existent.

Basically, they tell how to connect CUJO and where to find the app to download it.

I felt confused and wondered how to set this up, that was when the first phone call came in.

When you set up the app, it asks for your phone number, from there a tech support person from CUJO calls you.

Through remote access, they are able to set up CUJO so literally, all you have to do is connect it to your router and download the app.

So far I have allowed remote access twice – once on the day I connected CUJO and once when all of my devices were recognized so he could verify that they were indeed all mine.

I had some devices whose names I did not recognize.

The tech person helped me identify which devices were mine and rename them so I could tell which ones were which.

I appreciated that because then I knew no one else was accessing my WiFi.

CUJO is available at Best Buy or you can order one on Amazon.

To learn more about why I love CUJO, read Focus Your Attention On Cujo Ai Smart Internet Security Firewall.

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