Ex-Boyfriend escorts girlfriends ‘friend’ from home at gunpoint

Press Release from Deputy Chief Stephan Dorsey

On January 13, 2020 at approximately 6:36 am, Marion Police responded to Prairie Court for a disturbance. 

Resident/Victim Jordyn Purtee reported that Marquon Devon Jackson, age 31 (and ex-boyfriend) forced entry into her home by climbing over the fence and pushing a window inside the home enough for him to gain his way inside the home. 

Once inside the home Jackson approached Devin Weatherly whom was on the living room couch where he was asleep. Weatherly reported that Jackson approached him, and then pressed a weapon to the front of his face and instructed him to get up or he would shoot him. 

Weatherly reported that while he was getting up from the couch Jackson struck him in the face. Weatherly further added that Jackson escorted him outside the home and to his vehicle, a Dodge Charger, where he then stated he left the residence. 

Jackson then reentered the residence where he then dragged Purtee to the kitchen. Purtee reported that Jackson continually stated that “he wanted the dog back and that he wasn’t leaving without him.” 

Jackson then grabbed a dog leash and attempted to gather the dog, but the dog escaped through the front door and took off running from the property. Purtee reported that once the dog ran away Jackson left the residence, and took her IPhone 7. 

After a few minutes Purtee reported that she got into her vehicle and went to find her dog that she last seen running toward 32nd Street. Purtee reported that she headed east on 32nd Street where Jackson approached her vehicle and told her to get out of the vehicle. 

Purtee reported that she didn’t get out of the vehicle, at which time Jackson fired three rounds from his pistol and then took off running towards Lincoln Blvd. Purtee reported that she returned home and began screaming for help. 

Weatherly reported once he heard the gun fire he headed back to the residence and witnessed Purtee standing outside. Weatherly called 911 and instructed dispatch of the incident. 

This case was completed and submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office. 

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