Fairmount Mother Arrested for Injuries to Ten-Month-Old Baby

We just received the probable cause affidavit for the arrest of Hailey Baker for injuries caused to her ten-month-old child in November.

The affidavit claims that police were dispatched to Baker’s residence on Barclay Street in Fairmount around 10:00 AM for a medical emergency. The responding officer claims that when he arrived at the residence, he found Baker’s baby having difficulty breathing.

The officer used rescue breaths until the baby began to cry. He stated that while this medical emergency was ongoing, he noticed that Hailey Baker showed little to no emotion.

The baby was taken to Marion General Hospital, and then later transported to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis.

While the baby was receiving help, police managed to secure a search warrant for the Baker household. Nothing was taken from the scene, but police say they did take multiple photos for documentation.

Once the baby was seen at Riley, it was determined that the child had a brain bleed, which caused the brain to be “pushed off center.” The doctors at Riley told police that the bleed had to have been caused by “a abrupt start of motion and then a abrupt stop in motion.”

In an attempt to explain the baby’s injury, Baker told police that her older son had admitted to hitting the baby in the head with a toy. Baker’s sister, Brittney Hisey, tried to corroborate this story, as well. However, when this scenario was brought up to the doctors at Riley, they stated that being hit with a toy would not cause a bleed on the brain like the one the baby was experiencing.

Police interviewed Baker at the hospital. They asked her if anyone else lived in the home or was visiting at the time, and Baker responded by saying “she doesn’t let people over at her house because she doesn’t trust people.” She assured police that she was the only adult present in the home at the time of the incident.

Police also examined the baby while in the hospital and took multiple photos of the baby’s body. They noticed and documented bruising on the child’s head: police described the bruises by saying “[o]ne bruise was on the front left side and the other was on the front right side.”

Following an interview with Baker’s older child at the Department of Child Services, police informed Baker that her children would be taken into custody of DCS.


Baker was then interviewed on video at the Fairmount Police Department. During this interview, Baker yet again claimed that her older child possibly caused the baby’s injury by hitting the baby with a toy, and she told police that she wondered if her older child was on the autism spectrum and needed help.

Baker also told police that the baby had only been around two other adults in recent days but that the baby had seemed fine after interacting with those adults. She confirmed again that it wasn’t until the morning that police were dispatched to her home that she noticed anything wrong with the baby.

Finally, Baker admitted to police that the baby had fallen off the bed the night before police were called to the residence. She said she was trying to change the baby’s diaper when the baby rolled and fell off the bed. When police asked her why she didn’t mention this detail earlier, either to the police or the doctors, Baker said she had been afraid she would get in some kind of trouble.

In a second interview on camera, Baker said she left the baby in a play pen while she got ready in the bathroom. She stated that once she came out of the bathroom 25-30 minutes later, the baby was crying as if she had been hurt. It was during this time that Baker said she thinks the older child had hurt the baby and caused the injuries, and she admitted that it hadn’t been a good idea to leave the older child (who had been described as “aggressive”) alone with the baby.

The police asked Baker whether or not she would be willing to do a polygraph test. Baker said she wasn’t sure if she wanted to do a polygraph, so the police told her they would contact her with a date for the polygraph test. It’s unclear from the affidavit whether or not Baker ever agreed to cooperate.

Nevertheless, the probable cause affidavit states that Hailey Baker has since been charged with Neglect of a Dependent Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury, which is a Level 3 Felony.

Baker was arrested on March 31st, and bond was set at $30,000. She has posted bond and is no longer being held in the Grant County Jail, but she will have to report to probation until her initial court date, which is set for June 1, 2020.

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