Former Gas City Tattoo Artist Faces Criminal Charges for Sexual Battery

This morning we received the probable cause affidavit for the arrest of Gene Jackson Saunders (also known as “Gene Jackson Earls,” “Giovanni,” and “Geno”) for committing sexual battery against female customers in his former tattoo shop, Sei Bella Tattoo Galleria, which operated until the summer of 2019 in Gas City, Indiana.

Saunders is facing five separate counts of sexual battery, all of which are level 6 felonies.

There were five different women who reported to the Gas City Police Department that Saunders had assaulted them while interacting with him as customers of his tattoo shop. All of these incidents were reported to police between June 3rd and August 11th of 2019.

Three of the alleged victims told police that, while Saunders was tattooing them (all three on their upper legs), he placed his hand beneath their shorts and used his fingers to penetrate their vaginas. One of the victims was able to use her phone to take a picture, showing Saunders’ hand under her shorts.

One of the alleged victims told police that she visited Saunders’ shop in order to have a piercing he had done on her fixed. After the adjustment to the piercing (in her ear) was finished, she got off of the table, and Saunders “smacked her butt with his hand in such a manner that he grabbed her vagina.”


The fifth alleged victim claims that, while in Saunders’ tattoo shop, she excused herself to go to the bathroom, and that Saunders followed her in there. While in the bathroom, she reports that Saunders had vaginal sex with her, without her consent.

Saunders is no longer operating his tattoo shop in Gas City. In the summer of 2019, rumors of sexual misconduct began to spread, and we at Channel 27 even got involved, doing our best to bring the truth to the community. Following the multiple allegations from former customers, Saunders was forced to close his business and leave town.

The probable cause affidavit for his arrest includes a no-contact order and bail has been set at $10,000.

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