Former LaGrange Prosecutor running for Senate sparks public outcry

By Ashley Lopez

“On March 28, 2009 Sixteen month old Alissa Guernsey was in the sole care and custody of her mother’s cousin, Christy Shaffer, when she was killed from Blunt Force Trauma to her head. Her death was ruled a homicide. In the months prior to her death, Alissa had also endured multiple bruising all over her body, a broken elbow, stitches to the head, multiple severe cuts inside of her mouth,  and her once beautiful blonde hair had been ripped out, all while in the custody of Shaffer.

Christy Shaffer

Christy Shaffer was charged with two counts of Neglect of a Dependent (for not getting Alissa medical attention), a Class B and C felony. She was allowed to plea down to just the Class B charge, the ClassC was dropped. She was given a 10 year sentence for the Neglect charge, with 6 years suspended. Judge Vanderbeck revisited her sentence and she was released after serving just 77 DAYS.
Christy Shaffer was never charged with Murder after the investigation clearly showed that Baby Alissa’s death was ruled a homicide.
“No one has been charged with Alissa’s homicide. A killer is walking free in Indiana.”
Those are the words of London Labriola from who wrote a petition on

Many people expected Christy Shaffer to be charged with murder, manslaughter, and/or child abuse. But the LaGrange County prosecutor, Jeff Wible, didn’t file any charges.
Instead, he convened a grand jury. The grand jury decided whether to charge Christy Shaffer.
A dark cloud hovers due to the unknown. What evidence was presented to the grand jury to make the decision? Based on evidence presented by the prosecutor, the grand jury indicted Shaffer on the single charge of Neglect of a Dependent.

WMTV Channel 27 reached out to the former Howard County Sheriff, Marshall Talbert. This is what he had to say:

“Jeff Wible for Indiana Senate District 13?  You’ve got to be kidding me.  I wouldn’t vote Jeff Wible for dog catcher, if that were an elected office.  When researching Wible’s qualifications simply do a google search on the name “Alissa Guernsey.”

Take a good look at the autopsy photographs of  baby Alissa.  The photographs do not depict neglect of a dependent.  They  depict a homicide.  A murder. Her  injuries (seen and unseen) are not the result of being clumsy, or being knocked down by the family dog.  Her  injuries were  inflicted.  They are the result of a beating.  Wible chose not to charge Christy Shaffer with killing the child.  He convened a grand jury, and one has to wonder exactly what they were told.  The lesser charge (neglect with bodily injury) certainly did not fit the crime.

I was an Indiana State Trooper for 25 years, and the Howard County Sheriff for 8 years.  I have never seen a greater miscarriage of justice than the Alissa Guernsey case. 

The great thing about living free in America is that we can campaign for a candidate, or against them.  The more than 100,000 members of Alissa’s Army will do their part to prevent Wible’s election to another public office that requires public trust and integrity.

The Army will be back in Lagrange County.  We have a constitutional right to congregate, protest, and express our continued displeasure with candidate Jeff Wible.  We have a right to attend candidate debates and public forums.  Don’t be surprised to find us walking your neighborhoods, outside your courthouse, or at your polling place on election day.”

Jennifer Brown from Anderson Indiana says that “Alyssa inspired me so much that I started my own 501(c)(3) foundation called ‘No Excuse for Child Abuse Foundation Inc.’ I just started this foundation in February got my 501(c)(3) of determination letter in April. So we are moving forward with child abuse events and still going to fight with the for Alyssa and try to get her the justice she deserves”

WMTV channel 27 reached out to Jeff Wible, but our message was left unanswered.
Public outcry of “Alissa’s Army” is pleading with the public to try and stop Wible from getting voted into office.

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