German Unity Day – October 3

Saturday, October 3 is German Unity Day, a German national holiday that celebrates the unification of The German Democratic Republic (East Germany) and The Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) in 1990. In 1945 after the fall of Nazi Germany, the Soviet-occupied parts of Germany separated and became a communist state, whereas West Germany became democratic. The famous Berlin Wall separated communist East Berlin from free West Berlin, even though Berlin itself was located within East Germany. A German study says that 327 people lost their lives at the Berlin Wall, the majority through failed escape attempts. Untold numbers of people suffered and died within East Germany due to food shortages and communist oppression. It was a happy day for many people, especially separated families, when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 and when the two Germanys united in 1990.

Normally October 3 begins three days of celebrations with music, food, and drink, but due to Covid19, this year festivities in Germany have been canceled.

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