High-Speed Chase Involving Dirt Bike Leads to Arrest

Late Sunday night, a Marion Police Department officer witnessed a white male on a dirt bike make a left turn into an alleyway without using a turn signal and tried to initiate a traffic stop. However, after the officer turned on his red and blue lights, the man on the dirt bike sped off, causing officers to chase him through the city.

The man on the dirt bike traveled to Baldwin Avenue, running through stop signs, led police the wrong way down 2nd Street, then down Park Avenue, Spencer Avenue, and then Miller Avenue.

The man drove through the parking lot at General Motors before getting on State Road 18 and heading west. While on SR 18, the man slowed the dirt bike and officers attempted to box him in. An officer exited his vehicle and tried to grab the man and pull him off the dirt bike, but those attempts ultimately did not work.


The man returned to Miller Avenue, where he started heading south on the dirt bike, running more stop signs as he continued to flee. Once he reached 26th Street, the man turned right and headed west, but he then ran into a train near Double H Plastics Manufacturing, which was crossing 26th Street and blocking the man’s path. Not willing to stop, however, the man decided to drive parallel to the train, heading south, but he was driving through a farmer’s field, which was very muddy, and he struggled to keep going.

Officers were able to catch up with the man at this point, and one police vehicle tailed him closely, from behind and to the left. The man on the dirt bike, for whatever reason, veered to the left, and while they were only traveling at speeds of 5-10 mph, the police vehicle struck him.

The officer inside of that vehicle was able to then get out and place the man under arrest. He was transferred to Marion General Hospital to be medically cleared before he was taken to the Grant County Jail.

The man who led police officers on this chase was identified as Kevin L. O’Banion (51), who was charged with Resisting Law Enforcement with a Motor Vehicle and Reckless Driving. His bond was set at $605.00 cash.

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