Hope House Marion Aims to Provide Safe Environment for People in Recovery

by Katherine Perryman

Marion has seen a lot of growth lately in its battle against substance use problems. The recovery community around Grant County has played a large role in helping people to overcome Substance Use Disorder.

Throughout this journey, it became apparent that Marion had a need for a sober living home. Last October, The Genesis Place in Marion provided a generous financial gift, which is helping the idea of a sober-living house become reality.

Co-founders Tia Brewer and Shane Beal are opening Marion’s first two sober living homes. One will be a home for women directed by Tia Brewer and one for men directed by Shane Beal.

Anyone interested in applying to live there can complete his or her application online at www.hopehousemarion.org. In addition to filling out an application, potential residents will also undergo an interview and review the house rules and rent requirements.

The home for women opens April 1st. It will be able to house 11 people and already has a waiting list. There are plans to finish a second donated home for women in the next few months, and it will have the capacity to house an additional 21 women.

The men’s home opened March 18th. It will also be able to house 11 people and already has 5 occupants. The home itself is beautiful and has encouraging messages lining the walls of one of the rooms.

Sober living homes give graduates from substance use programs a structured, safe, encouraging, and positive environment to live while they continue on their recovery path and re-establishing stability in their lives. It’s a very positive asset for those battling addiction and can often be key to maintaining sobriety. Hope House Marion’s sober living homes will provide a much-needed additional resource for people on their journey to recovery.

Shane Beal, co-founder of Hope House Marion, stated on the website, “Housing insecurity is one of the leading contributors to substance use disorder and poverty. Hope House Marion intends to change that fact and we believe that we can provide not only safe housing but life change which will lead people to recovery and make Grant County a better and more healthy community.”

Hope House is a faith-based nonprofit organization, originally founded by Brian Blevins, and has several locations throughout Northern Indiana, including in Hartford City, Muncie, and Connersville. Its weekly services, meetings, and meals has provided a safe and uplifting environment for many since being established in 2016. Since opening its doors, more than 10,000 meals have been served and countless people have been provided much-needed transportation in times of need.

Hope House Marion Co-Founders Tia Brewer and Shane Beal have had to work very hard to overcome many obstacles in being able to open. Nevertheless, they’ve received a lot of support and donations from the community.

While many businesses are shutting down during the Coronavirus pandemic, Hope House has amazingly been untouched by any potential negative impacts. The men’s home was even able to open one week earlier than originally planned, and the women’s home is on track with meeting its goal of opening on April 1st.

People can support Hope House through donations to the organization. The newly-founded sober living homes accept monetary donations through the website at www.hopehousemarion.org.

There is also a reverse raffle being held April 18th at Brookhaven Wesleyan Church in Marion, starting at 5pm. Tickets cost $100. Everyone participating will win a prize and be entered to win the $1500 grand prize. Los Amores, an increasingly popular Mexican restaurant in downtown Marion, will be providing dinner and music by Purebred Mongrels.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the Hope House or wanting to find out how they can get involved can attend a free event being held by Voices of Recovery on Saturday, September 12th at the Gas City Park.

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