Indiana Awarded $2.26 Million for Airport Improvements

On Wednesday, February 19th, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao announced in a press release where the FAA will be focusing their efforts to bolster both infrastructure and safety across American airports.

The FAA’s endeavor includes $520.5 million worth of grants, $2.26 million of which will be given to seven different airports located in Indiana.

Chao commented, “[t]his $520.5 million in federal support to airports across the country will help to keep our nation’s airports in good shape and make air travel a better experience for passengers.”

Here is how the press release breaks down the distribution of grants across these seven Indiana airports:

  • $64,447 to Putnam County Regional Airport in Greencastle for apron reconstruction.
  • $300,000 to Logansport/Cass County Airport to update the Airport Master Plan.
  • $150,000 to Marion Municipal Airport to modify a snow removal equipment building.
  • $374,738 to Peru Municipal Airport for runway lighting work.
  • $423,045 to Richmond Municipal Airport for taxiway rehabilitation.
  • $573,000 to Wabash Municipal Airport for taxiway rehabilitation.
  • $373,950 to Arens Field in Winamac for runway lighting work


FAA Administrator Steven Dickson explained the importance of keeping our airports in tip-top shape:

America’s airports provide a gateway to the world for our citizens while at the same time delivering first impressions of the United States to visitors from abroad. … It’s in our national interest to make them the crown jewel in our transportation system. The Airport Improvement Program allows us to do just that.

The FAA claims in this press release that these investments could not have come at a better time, given the strong, robust economy we are currently experiencing. The FAA touts that “U.S. civil aviation supports more than 5% of U.S. gross domestic product; $1.6 trillion in economic activity; and nearly 11 million jobs.”

It seems Chao’s goal for this investment in American airports is not only to increase safety and repair infrastructure, but also to further contribute to our already-strong economic and jobs numbers.

We do not yet know when the grants will be provided to these Indiana airports or when the work (detailed above) will begin.

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