Inmate Attempts to Smuggle Meth into the Grant County Jail, Faces New Charges

A probable cause affidavit was received by Channel 27 News Wednesday night for new charges being brought against Casee Oliver Stone, which include Conspiracy to Commit Dealing in Methamphetamine (a Level 2 Felony); Conspiracy to Commit Trafficking with an Inmate (a Level 5 Felony); and Possession of a Cellular Telephone or Device While Incarcerated (a Class A Misdemeanor).

Stone was already serving time in the Grant County Jail for previous criminal charges.

Communications between Stone and two of his associates, Corey Harvey and Jazzlyn Davis, had been intercepted by the Indiana State Police, including both telephone calls and text messages between the three. ISP uncovered that, while these three were in communication, they were discussing a plot to smuggle Methamphetamine into the Grant County Jail.

This was not the first time Stone had attempted this feat. Stone had tried getting drugs into the jail on two other separate occasions: on the first try, somebody else managed to intercept the drugs, and on the second try, the JEAN Team was able to confiscate them.

On this third attempt, Stone was directing his associates, Harvey and Davis, to create a “false bottom” of sorts, using manila envelopes, to store and deliver the drugs to Stone by way of his lawyer, David Glickfield.

According to the probable cause affidavit:

During the conversations, inmate Casee Stone… tells Corey Harvey exactly how Corey is to glue a bag of Methamphetamine into the bottom of a manila envelope. Casee then tells Jazzlyn that she is to obtain old legal documents of Casee’s to add into the manila envelope. Corey and Jazzlyn are then to give the manila envelope to Casee’s lawyer, David Glickfield, who then Casee hopes will give the manila envelope to Casee. Casee was scheduled to have Marion City Court on 02/13/2020 at approximately 1330 hours.

The Indiana State Police, who intercepted the communications, explained how Stone’s associates were to create the “false bottom” for hiding the drugs.

Det. Andy Renbarder, ISP, advised us that they had just intercepted a communication between Corey Harvey and Casee Stone where they discuss how Corey will put the drugs into a manila envelope. Casee tells Corey to put a manila envelope inside another manila envelope with the Methamphetamine to be placed between the two envelopes. It is then to be glued together to look like one manila envelope.

Detectives were able to follow both Corey Harvey and Jazzlyn Davis and witnessed the altered envelope being passed from Harvey to Davis. They then saw Davis taking the envelope with her into the Marion City Building, where it’s suspected she delivered the envelope, containing both legal papers and the Methamphetamine, to Stone’s lawyer, David Glickfield.


Detectives were notified by the court’s surveillance personnel when Glickfield gave the envelope to Stone inside the court room.

When the group of inmates were returning from court, one of the detectives confiscated the manila envelope from Stone. In an attempt to not seem suspicious, the detective collected paperwork from other returning inmates. The manila envelope was then given to the lead detective, who at that point had a search warrant and was able to inspect it.

While holding the bottom of the envelope, I could feel that the bottom was thicker than the rest of the envelope. I squeezed the bottom of the envelope and could feel something rough and heard a crunching noise… Photographs and video were taken of me removing the paperwork from inside the manila envelope. I then took an exacto knife and carefully cut the seal at the bottom of the envelope.

I opened the bottom and observed another bottom of a different manilla envelope. This was clued to the outside manila envelope and I had to carefully cut the glue to remove the second envelope. When I did so, I observed that it appeared to be only the bottom portion of another manila envelope. Inside that envelope, another strip of manila envelope had been cut and a plastice bag containing a white crystal-like substance was glue[d] to the strip.

Detectives used a field test on the substance, which “showed a presumptive positive for Methamphetamine.” When weighed, detectives found that there was a total of three grams of the drug within the envelope.

All of these envelopes and the crystal-like substance were placed into evidence bags, and the presumptive drug was then sent to the Indiana State Lab to be analyzed further.

Following these discoveries, Stone’s cell block underwent a search, which turned up a black smart phone and USB charging cord near Casee Stone’s cell. A warrant was requested in order to search the phone’s contents.

As previously stated, Casee Stone was already serving time for previous felony charges, and following these most recent events, he now faces additional charges, which consist of

  • Conspiracy to Commit Dealing in Methamphetamine (a Level 2 Felony)
  • Conspiracy to Commit Trafficking with an Inmate (a Level 5 Felony)
  • Possession of a Cellular Telephone or Device While Incarcerated (a Class A Misdemeanor)

Due to his prior criminal record, Stone’s bail was set at $100,000 cash.

Update: 4/17/2020, 9:00 AM

We just received another probable cause affidavit for charges brought against Christopher Deon Reynolds, who was involved in a plot with Casee Stone to get Methamphetamine into the Grant County Jail just days before the trafficking plot that was explained in the probable cause affidavit we previously reported on.

This new probable cause affidavit is for events that took place on February 10, 2020. The probable cause affidavit we wrote about a few days ago was for events that took place on February 13, 2020.

Just like the events explained in the previous probable cause document, this case involved the interception of phone calls and text messages between Casee Stone and Corey Harvey by the Indiana State Police. In these communications, police learned that the two were plotting to have Harvey bring ten grams of Methamphetamine, along with a USB charging cord for Stone’s cell phone, to the Grant County Courthouse, where an inmate associated with Stone would be able to pick up the package that Harvey would leave behind.

Casee advised Corey that he was to wrap the items tightly and to leave it on the post where the handicap access button was located. Casee told Corey to wait until he saw an inmate carrying a purple folder and walking at the front of the line of inmates, because that was the inmate that was going to pick up the contraband and bring it back to Casee.

The inmate that Stone intended to pick up the package was Christopher Reynolds.

Because police had been tipped off about the plan, they were able to observe the events as they unfolded and foil the group’s plan.

Corey Harvey was supposed to bring the package to the courthouse and leave it outside between 1:10 and 1:20 PM, which was approximately the time inmates were to be transferred from the jail to the courthouse.

Around 12:45, officers were able to watch as Corey Harvey’s vehicle drove to the courthouse and then drove around for a while, before the drop off was supposed to be made.

Corey drove around for a while and then was visually observed, by myself, traveling Eastbound on SR 18. Corey then drove Northbound on Adams St. then turned Westbound on 3rd St. where he parked in a spot on the North side of the court square. Corey was the sole occupant of the vehicle. He stayed there briefly then moved, driving back around the square, and parked in a spot on the East side of the square on Adams St. toward the North side. l observed Corey on the phone speaking with someone and would stand up out of his vehicle and look back toward the jail, then sit back down, then stand back up. It was obvious he was waiting to see the inmates walking from the jail to the courthouse.

When Harvey finally saw the inmates heading towards the courthouse, he walked quickly to the courthouse doors, to leave the package on the handicap button post, just as Stone had instructed him to do.


However, their plan fell apart when another inmate, Asa Windle, who was not carrying the purple folder that Stone had mentioned, stopped at the handicap button and took the package.

Christopher Reynolds, who was carrying the purple folder and was meant to be the inmate to pick up the package, had not yet been brought to the courthouse. When Reynolds did arrive at the handicap button outside of the courthouse, he stopped for a minute and looked around, but, of course, the package meant for him had already been taken. Realizing that it was not there, Reynolds continued on into the courthouse.

Because police had witnessed Asa Windle pick up the package, they were able to then go into the court room and ask Windle to come outside with them. It was then that Asa Windle handed over the package and police were then able to examine it.

As Corey Harvey and Casee Stone had discussed, police found both Methamphetamine and a USB charging cord inside.

It was a package wrapped in black electrical tape about the size of a USB Hub. When unwrapped by Det. Ross, I observed a knotted clear plastic bag containing a white crystal-like substance. Along with the bag was a white USB charging cord for an Android phone. I took photographs of the items. Det. Ross then weighed the white crystal-like substance using a Sunbeam digital scale which showed 12g. A NARKII Field test kit for Methamphetamine was conducted and showed a presumptive positive for Methamphetamine.

Police were later informed of additional communications between Corey Harvey and Casee Stone, where the two admitted that their plan had been foiled by police. Stone also said that he knew Asa Windle was the inmate that had picked up the package.

Because of his involvement in this plot, Christopher Reynolds was slapped with additional charges, on top of the charges that already had him behind bars.

Reynolds has now been charged with Conspiracy to Commit Dealing in Methamphetamine (a Level 2 Felony) and Conspiracy to Commit Trafficking with an Inmate (a Level 5 Felony). Reynolds was also given habitual offender status.

Reynolds’ bond was set at $100,000 cash.

Corey Harvey has not yet been arrested, but he is facing charges of Dealing in Methamphetamine (a Level 2 Felony) and Trafficking with an Inmate,
(a Level 5 Felony).

Harvey’s bond was set at $25,000.00 cash or surety.

Update: 4/18/20, 6:45 PM

On Saturday, we learned of charges being brought against Jazzlyn Randi Davis, who played a part in getting a package including Methamphetamine to Casee Stone’s lawyer, David Glickfield, and, ultimately, Stone himself.

Davis has been charged with Conspiracy to Commit Dealing in Methamphetamine (a Level 3 Felony) and Conspiracy to Commit Trafficking with an Inmate (a Level 5 Felony).

Davis’ bond has been set at $30,000 cash. As of now, she has not been arrested.

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