Kokomo Woman Killed, Man Kidnapped, Tortured for Days

According to the Kokomo Perspective, police responded to a call for shots fired on Monday, February 3rd, where they found Lashay R. Young-Beard (25) shot and killed in the backyard of a home located at 703 S. Courtland Avenue.

After locating the deceased female victim, police searched the home and found a 24-year-old male inside. He was located in the home’s bath tub and was bound at the wrists and ankles by duct tape, which had also been placed over his mouth. The man told police he had been held there for eleven days by men that both he and the female victim had known.

According to the man, he was subjected to days of torture, which included beatings and being burned with hot water. Nevertheless, he is considered to be in stable condition at this time.

Police currently believe there were three men responsible in this case. In an update from Kokomo Police Department given this morning, we now know that two of the three suspects have been detained, while the third one still remains at large.

This is an ongoing investigation, and we will update this story as new information becomes available to us.

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