Local Father Sentenced to 25 Years for Molesting Daughter

Bradley Allen Scott (41) of Jonesboro has been in jail since June of 2018, but he was just sentenced on September 1, 2020 for crimes he committed in 2016.

Scott was being held at the Grant County Jail on seven different charges:

  • Child Molesting where defendent is at least 21 years of age, Level 1 Felony
  • Child Molesting Fondling or touching with child under 14, Level 4 Felony
  • Criminal Confinement with bodily injury, Level 5 Felony
  • Operating a Vehicle with Alcohol Concentration Equivalent to at least .08 but Less than .15, Class C Misdemeanor
  • Resisting Law Enforcement defendant uses vehicle to commit the offense, Level 6 Felony
  • Criminal Recklessness committed with deadly weapon, Level 6 Felony
  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident Driver fails to immediately stop at the scene, Class B Misdemeanor

Scott was accused of molesting and committing sexual acts on his own 11-year-old daughter on June 28, 2016, however, he was not arrested for those crimes until June 29, 2018, exactly two years after the accusations against him had been made.

In February of 2020, Scott pleaded guilty to the two counts of child molestation, and the other five charges against him were dropped.

At the sentencing hearing on September 1st, Scott was facing a maximum of 35 years for the Level 1 Felony of child molestation, but he was instead given 25 years, with ten years suspended, in part because he has “a limited criminal history.” Those ten suspended years will instead be served on probation, following his release.


Scott received six years for the Level 4 Felony child molestation count, but those two sentences will be served concurrently, meaning that the sentences will be served at the same time, and the maximum amount of time Scott will spend behind bars is 25 years.

However, despite the 25-year sentence, Scott’s expected release date is currently listed by the Grant County Jail as 12/25/2030, which, since he was first arrested in June of 2018, puts him at 12.5 years behind bars, or 50% of the total sentence. His ten years of probation will start when he is released in December of 2030.

The court has also ordered that Scott abide by the following while on probation:

  1. Defendant shall complete CCP or an equivalent drug and alcohol assessment, follow through with recommended treatment, and pay any associated fees.
  2. Defendant shall have no unsupervised contact with any child under the age of 18 years.
  3. Defendant shall successfully complete sex offender counseling.
  4. Defendant shall have no contact with the victim.
  5. Defendant shall comply with the terms of any Adult Case Plan developed by Probation and approved by the Court.

According to the sentencing documents, the court believes “[t]he Defendant is likely to respond affirmatively to probation or short-term imprisonment.”

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