Man Fatally Shot in Apparent Home Invasion in Gas City

On Monday, February 10th, a 911 call came in from a Gas City resident, saying that he had shot and killed a man who he claimed invaded his home.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Department, the Gas City Police Department, and the Fairmount Police Department all responded to the home at 6111 South 500 East.

We learned from a press release put out by the Grant County Sheriff’s Department that, when officers responded, they found two people outside of the home, whom they immediately took into protective custody. Once officers made their way inside, they found a white male with apparent gunshot wounds to both his head and torso, lying on the floor, close to the home’s back door.


Neither the officers nor the ambulance personnel from Marion General Hospital were able to find any vitals from the injured man, upon which the Grant County Coroner’s Office and the Grant County Prosecutor’s Office were contacted.

The two people taken into protective custody were then taken to the Grant County Sheriff’s Department to undergo interviews, while, at the same time, search warrants were issued and conducted of the Gas City home.

Captain Ed Beaty has said this is still an ongoing investigation, but assured us we will receive updates as they develop. He also wants the public to know there is currently no ongoing threat related to this incident.

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