Manhunt Currently Underway in Grant and Wabash Counties for Accused Sexual Predator

by Ashley Lopez, Chaylee Brock

In March, Krista McVoy was told something that no parent wants to hear: her 8-year-old and 12-year-old daughters told her they had been molested by a man named Peydon Bennett.

Bennett (27) was McVoy’s fiancé, and he lived with McVoy and her two daughters in their home in Wabash. She says “He was amazing with them. I didn’t have a clue. He’s an amazing groomer. He groomed all of us.” McVoy claims she never suspected anything. “I trusted him, and he turned out to be a monster in disguise.”

McVoy kicked Bennett out of her Wabash home after learning about the molestation, and it was assumed that Bennett had returned to Marion, which is where he is originally from and where his family members still reside.

On July 16, Peydon Bennett was charged with four felony counts of Child Molestation. According to the probable cause affidavit, both victims spoke with police and indicated that they were both touched by Bennett multiple times after he moved in with the family in 2016. In addition to touching and penetrating them with his hands, one of the victims spoke about being forced to touch Bennett’s penis and watch him masturbate.

“They had a forensic interview,” said McVoy, “and after the forensic interview, DCS notified me that I had to take my youngest daughter, who is 8, to make sure that she did not have any permanent damage from him.”

The youngest victim was told at least once by Bennett to not tell anyone about what he was doing to her. After police became involved, McVoy says the girl was afraid Bennett would seek retribution against her. “I had found screwdrivers, hammers, and wrenches [under her pillow], because she was scared he was gonna come and hurt her, because she told the truth. It’s the hardest thing ever. My girls have been so strong and so brave, they gave so many details.”

McVoy also claims that DCS has an older file on Bennett and that they found him guilty as a juvenile for molesting two other girls, but he was never officially charged for those crimes.


Following the interview with the victims, police attempted to locate Bennett, in hopes of bringing him in for an interview, as well. They were unable to contact him on his cell phone, so officers from the Marion Police Department visited the house in Marion where Bennett’s family members currently reside. The family members told police that Bennett was not there, they had no idea where he might be, and they added that he would not be welcome in their home.

McVoy told us “he knows he’s being looked for. He’s a predator. He needs to be stopped. He needs to pay for what he did.”

Bennett currently has an active warrant for his arrest, and he seems to be on the run. He is said to frequent the Marion and Gas City areas.

The probable cause affidavit describes him as being 5’4″ and 168 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes. McVoy told us that he does wear glasses, but he doesn’t wear them at all times.

If spotted, please contact the Wabash Police Department at 260-563-1111. 

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