Marion Man Allegedly Attacked with Brass Knuckles

Officers were called to a residence on South Hubbard Street on August 24th for an alleged aggravated battery incident. When Grant County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded, they were met by John Dickison, who told police that his husband, Jeffery Jefferies, had been assaulted the night before by an acquaintance.

Mr. Dickison told police that his husband, Mr. Jefferies, likes to have bonfires on their property and that an acquaintance of theirs, Derek Liebo, had come from a neighbor’s house to join Jefferies at the fire. At first, the couple believed that Mr. Jefferies had sustained an injury to the back of his head from falling outside, because Jefferies had been drinking and was unable to recall the details of how he had gotten hurt. However, they later realized that the injury to Mr. Jefferies’ head had actually been caused by Liebo, which is why they asked the Sheriff’s Department to get involved.

The couple’s neighbor, whose house Mr. Liebo had been at earlier in the night, told deputies that, a while after Mr. Liebo had left and gone to sit with Mr. Jefferies by the fire, he came running back to his house, grabbed some clothes he had left in the house, and left in a hurry. Before Mr. Liebo took off, the neighbor was able to ask Mr. Liebo what was going on, to which Mr. Liebo responded by saying he had hit Mr. Jefferies..


This neighbor also told deputies that after Mr. Liebo had left, the two spoke over Facebook Messenger, and during that conversation, Mr. Liebo admitted that he had struck Mr. Jefferies in the head with brass knuckles. Unfortunately, the neighbor was not able to give deputies a phone number or location for Mr. Liebo, stating that the two only spoke over Facebook Messenger. Deputies were also unable to see the messages in which Mr. Liebo made that confession, because the neighbor had since blocked Mr. Liebo on Facebook, meaning that he no longer had access to their previous messages.

Mr. Jefferies visited Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne to have his head injury assessed, but he did not require admission and was able to return back home after receiving some stitches to the back of his head.

Jefferies’ husband, John Dicksion, told deputies they had experienced trouble with Liebo in the past, including incidents where Dickison alleges that Liebo called the couple “faggots.”

At this time, the prosecutor’s office is not pressing charges and the case is considered closed.

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