Marion Police Involved in High-Speed Chase

On Wednesday, January 22, Marion police initiated a traffic stop on a blue Pontiac Vibe, in hopes of detaining the driver, Cory C. Gentry (30), who is suspected in a shooting incident that occurred on January 20th in Wabash and left one person injured.

When the MPD officer asked Gentry to exit his vehicle, Gentry refused to do so, and as other officers approached the vehicle, Gentry yelled out that he “had nothing to lose,” put the car in drive, and crashed into an Indiana State Police vehicle in front of him. Gentry then put the car in reverse, crashed into a MPD vehicle behind him, and then fled the scene at 3rd and Whites Avenue.

As soon as Gentry fled, police immediately pursued the vehicle.

Once Gentry made it to the 200 block of North G Street, he leaned out of the driver’s side door and shot twice at the officers chasing him.

Gentry led police officers on a lengthy pursuit, traveling up and down many residential streets. As Gentry passed by Marion High School, it’s reported that he was traveling at approximately 70 miles per hour.

When the chase reached the 300 block of East Grant Street, another MPD vehicle was struck by Gentry. Nevertheless, the pursuit continued down River Blvd. and through the YMCA parking lot.

Gentry lost control of his vehicle in the alley between Spencer Ave. and Hill Street, which resulted in the blue Pontiac Vibe crashing into a tree.

Knowing that he was caught, Gentry obeyed orders given by the police, first by tossing his handgun out of the vehicle, and then exiting the vehicle and lying on the ground. It was then that Gentry was finally placed under arrest and taken into police custody.

There were two other passengers in the vehicle. Twenty-nine year old Kathryn Wainscott and her 8-month-old child had been in the vehicle throughout the police chase, but, thankfully, neither of them were seriously injured.

No police officers were injured in the pursuit, either.

Gentry is now facing multiple charges, including Criminal Recklessness with a Deadly Weapon. More charges are expected to be filed.

Here is the official press release from the Marion Police Department:

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