Meet Your 2020 Candidates: County Recorder

Grant County will be holding elections this year for many important local offices, which have the power to change things here at home.

In Indiana, our Primary Election will be held on May 5th, and the General Election will be November 3rd.

If you’re not yet registered to vote, the deadline to do so (to participate in the primary) is April 6th. If you would like to register, or to check your registration status, please visit the Indiana Voters website at

We reached out to all of the county candidates running in this year’s primary. Not all candidates responded, but everyone was given the same opportunity.

Here is the information we’ve gathered, to help you make an informed decision this election cycle.

County Recorder Candidates

My name is Kathy Foy.  I am a lifelong resident of Grant County. I will have been married for 30 years this June.  My husband Mike and I have 2 grown children, Kolby and Kayla.  My passion for county government began in 2017 when I decided to leave my 20+ year career as a manager for Marsh Supermarkets to take the position of Election Deputy at the Courthouse.  I jumped in with both feet and spoke with the party chair, wanting to get more involved.  He appointed me as a precinct committee person in early 2018. 

When the previous Recorder was resigning to take office as the County Clerk, I felt that this was my time to see where this new career would take me and hopefully make a difference, so I put my name in to run in the caucus to finish out her term.  I was elected by my fellow Republican precinct committeemen by majority vote in December of 2018, beating out my two opponents, and I am now in my 2nd year as Grant County Recorder.  In June of 2019, the Republican Chair asked me to be the secretary of the Republican Party.

I have completed my 4-year term education requirements within the first 8 months of office. Also during my first year I made some positive changes to the office.  I improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the office procedures by implementing a new software system.  The new technology includes an indexing program that utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which improves data integrity and reduces errors. I have also added two more electronic recording vendors and increased the volume of eRecordings.

I have greatly increased the county revenue from online access to the Recorder’s records.  Utilizing these user-friendly online services, which provide 24-hour access to our valuable records, has allowed the Recorder’s Office to generate more revenue for both our office and the county.  This additional money helps to fund the current functions of the office and future improvements to our technology and services. 

I have implemented a new fraud alert detection system (Property Fraud Alert), which is a free service that protects the citizens of Grant County from the serious and prevalent crime of mortgage fraud.  We have also put into works a new program to honor veterans for their service to our country by providing discounts at businesses throughout Grant County. 

Right now, we have digitized records back to 1994, and records from 1967 to 1993 are currently on microfilm.  We are starting a digitizing project this spring to get all documents back to 1967 on the computer and accessible to the public through our online services. 

If elected, my goals for my first full term would be to finish the digitizing project and back index the county records to protect these valuable documents and to provide a simple, convenient method for the public to search the records.  I would continue to increase the public awareness about the Recorder’s Office, the value of property records, the importance of knowing where their home’s deed and other documents are recorded and the significance of new technology. I will keep improving the preservation of the documents for future generations. 

I love what I do and humbly ask for your support in the upcoming primary election on May 5th.

My name is Roberta “Bobbie” Solms and I want to serve the citizens of Grant County as the next Grant County Recorder. I am a lifelong resident of Grant County, living most of my life in the Fairmount area. My husband Joe and I have been married for 39 years and have two sons, two daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren. I have been involved in several publicly elected positions including: serving as the campaign chairperson for my mother-in-law Judy Solms when she was Grant County Recorder from 1998 – 2006; being elected to serve as a Board Member at Westview Wesleyan Church from 2017-2019; and my husband Joe was elected for two terms on the Madison Grant School Board. I have also volunteered in various church ministries and community outreach events.

For the last 33 years, I have been employed as an abstractor/title researcher, which entails researching land records and recording documents at the county level for banks, title companies, and lawyers. During this time, I have searched records in nine surrounding County Recorder’s Offices. I have searched records dating back 100 years, giving me experience with digital records, microfilm records, and using the old book ledgers. My years as an abstractor/title searcher has given me first-hand knowledge of the importance in having records that are accurate and legible. Microfilm records and book ledgers are deteriorating and need to be digitized. I am passionate about preserving the records of history that serve not only the abstractor/title searcher, but the private citizens of Grant County. There are many instances where a private citizen would need to come into the Recorder’s Office to request a document. I have years of experience using the Fidler software that was installed in the Grant County office last year. Under my direction of the Grant County Recorder’s Office, my knowledge and commitment to serve will allow the office staff to guide citizens in a document retrieval or direct them to a professional abstractor/title searcher. It is this culmination of knowledge and experience, along with my commitment to preserve history and serve the public, that motivated me to run for Grant County Recorder.

As Grant County Recorder, my top Office priorities will be Customer Service, Accuracy in Indexing, and Digitizing Microfilm and Ledger Books. Customer Service will be my top priority as the Recorder’s Office is all about serving the public through locating property records. A private citizen will need these records when they buy a house, transfer ownership of a property, remove the name from the deed of a property, or look for liens on a property. To find these records, Accuracy in Indexing is almost as important as customer service. If records are not accurately entered into the system, no amount of searching is going to locate the record. Improving accuracy requires improving processes that reduce entry errors along with improved auditing processes. Making sure records are available to citizens will also require that records on microfilm and the ledger books are digitized. These records are currently at risk of being lost through fading microfilm and mishap to paper ledgers. Understanding how records are searched creates the priority of which records need to be digitized and indexed first. Implementing these priorities will require some change in the Grant County Recorder’s Office.

Change to routines can be challenging for everyone in an office setting. I believe the best way to implement change is to have regular training that includes why change is being implemented. Documenting and preserving current and historical records accurately creates a culture of public service.

I respectfully ask for your vote for Grant County Recorder in the May 5, election. In my 33 years as an abstractor/title searcher, I have demonstrated a strong work ethic and responsibility to uncover the most challenging record searches. Because of my reputation as a searcher, I work on some of the most difficult record searches in all of the surrounding counties. I will bring the same commitment and results to the Grant County Recorder’s Office.

If you would like to follow me through this election and learn more about me you can follow me on Facebook@electbobbiesolms4recorder

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