Meet Your 2020 Candidates: Superior Court 3 Judge

Grant County will be holding elections this year for many important local offices, which have the power to change things here at home.

In Indiana, our Primary Election will be held on May 5th, and the General Election will be November 3rd.

If you’re not yet registered to vote, the deadline to do so (to participate in the primary) is April 6th. If you would like to register, or to check your registration status, please visit the Indiana Voters website at

We reached out to all of the county candidates running in this year’s primary. Not all candidates responded, but everyone was given the same opportunity.

Here is the information we’ve gathered, to help you make an informed decision this election cycle.

Jarred L. Eib

Jarred was born and raised in Grant County Indiana, where he has very strong ties and continues to live today. He looks forward to the opportunity to give back to the community that has given so much to him by serving as Superior Court III Judge.

Jarred graduated with honors from Marion High School before attending Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. While at Purdue, Jarred studied psychology, philosophy, and political science, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts with honors from the Purdue University College of Liberal Arts.

While attending Purdue University, Jarred maintained his connection with his home by commuting back to Grant County on weekends and breaks from school to serve as an emergency medical technician for Marion General Hospital and as a transporter and then deputy for the Grant County Coroner’s Department under the administrations of Mark Bardsley, Ron Mowery, and Stephen Dorsey.

Jarred attended Maurer School of Law in Bloomington, Indiana where he served as the Community Outreach Director and later as a Certified Legal Intern for the Indiana University Maurer School of Law Protective Order Project, providing no-cost legal assistance to victims of domestic or dating violence and stalking to get civil protective orders.

Jarred also served for two years as the Vice Justice for the John Adams Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta, the largest co-ed professional law fraternity in the United States.

During breaks during law school, Jarred was active in public interest law, including serving as a Clerk for Judge Matthew Hanson of the Morgan County Indiana Circuit Court; interning for the Grant County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, and serving as an Administrative Law Judge for the Bloomington Indiana Housing Authority.

Upon admittance to practice law, Jarred engaged in private civil practice in Grant County and served as an attorney for the Indiana Department of Child Services. As an attorney with the Department of Child Services, Jarred gained extensive trial experience while advocating on behalf of the State and for the welfare of Indiana’s children.

In January of 2019, Jarred was hired full time by the Grant County Prosecuting Attorney where he continues to work as a deputy prosecutor and member of the Joint Effort Against Narcotics, or JEAN, Team. In this role, Jarred has worked first-hand to address the epidemic of drug use which has plagued our communities by prosecuting numerous high-level narcotics possession and dealing cases.

Along with his professional endeavors, Jarred strives to give back to the community in his free time. As a dedicated patron of the arts, Jarred has volunteered his time providing technical assistance and consultation for local theater programs, including the Marion Civic Theatre and the Oak Hill High School theater program. In addition to his backstage work, Jarred has performed on stage for the Marion Civic Theatre in original productions written and produced by Grant County locals and has served as a member of the Marion Civic Theatre Board of Directors.

Jarred has a demonstrated history of service to Grant County, a history which continues to this day. As judge, Jarred will continue to serve his community by fairly and impartially hearing and ruling on matters before the court. Jarred has a strong passion for the law and for his home, Grant County, which he will bring to the bench of Superior Court III.

Jarred understands that, beyond the administration of justice, as judge he will be responsible for the administration of the Court. To that end, Jarred will employ technology and more efficient processes to save the Court time and money.

Jarred is a member of the Grant County community in every sense of the word and has been for his entire life. He lives and works here along with you. He shops in the same stores and eats at the same restaurants as you. He walks his dog, Murphy, through the same streets and same parks as you. Jarred understands his community because he has grown up as a part of it, has been molded and shaped by it, and now is asking you to support him as he takes on a role where he can continue to give back to the community that has made him what he is today.

Jarred Eib and the Committee to Elect Jarred Eib Judge, look forward to this campaign and thank you for your support and your vote on May 5th.

David Glickfield III

I attended Marion High School and graduated in 1982. I obtained a Mechanical Engineering degree from Purdue University in 1986. I graduated from the university of Dayton school of law in 1990. I passed the bar that same year and began practicing law in Marion with my father and Robert Milford. I have practiced law here ever since. I have been an attorney for over 30 years. I have practiced in many areas of the law including criminal,  family, estate, real estate, and government. I was a city attorney in Marion for a few years in the 1990’s and Jonesboro for 2 different Mayors.

I am currently the city attorney for Gas City. I have also served as the Health Department attorney for almost 20 years. I have been a public defender for 10+ years and I am currently the attorney for the clients in drug court, veterans treatment court, and re-entry court. These areas of practice have given me great insight into Grant County’s struggles.

In 1996 I was elected County Commissioner and served 2 terms. I came back again in 2007 and served approximately 6 more years. While I was Commissioner, I helped develop the current Public Defender system. This has brought over 5 million dollars into Grant County Government’s budget through state reimbursement. I have also served on the Grant County Community Corrections board since 1996 and this has allowed me to be very involved with the structure of our criminal justice system in Grant County. Grant County is looked to by the Indiana Department of Corrections and the Indiana Judicial Center as one of the model counties for evidence based practice. We have been at the forefront here in implementing evidence based practices and as a result we have received millions in grant monies to also help the county budget. 

As commissioner, we also helped construct the juvenile detention center, the highway garage, and the Boys and Girls club. I sat on the area plan board, 911 emergency board, and the drainage board for many years. I also was on the Grant County Economic Growth Council and the East Central Indiana Solid Waste board.

I have been a Republican Precinct Committeeman since the 1990’s and served a term as Grant County Republican Chairman.

As I mentioned earlier, All these experiences have given me invaluable experience and insight to guide me as Superior 3 Court Judge. The drug epidemic is our most pressing criminal problem. I have been to 10+ National Drug court conferences where I have learned the best practices for helping people overcome addiction. As a public defender, I have been on the front line helping people one step at a time battle their addictions. I have seen so many success stories in my time. I hope to continue the work of our judges and add my experiences so that we can continue to reduce crime and protect the public the best we can. It would be an honor to serve the people of Grant County.

Brian McLane

Greetings.  My name is Brian F. McLane and I am running for the Republican nomination for Judge, Grant Superior Court 3. 

I grew up in Fairmount, Indiana and graduated from Madison Grant High School.  I received a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from DePauw University.  While attending DePauw, I met my wife, Melva. I then received my Master of Science degree from Purdue University.  Melva and I married immediately after receiving my Master’s degree and we have been married for over 35 years.

I worked in a small research and development company in the Chicago suburbs for about a year immediately following our marriage.  I then went to work at Inland Steel Company where I remained for nearly 10 years.  During my last three years at Inland, I attended law school at night at John Marshall Law School in Chicago. 

After I received my law degree, we relocated back to Grant County.  Melva and I have three adult children that all attended St. Paul Catholic School in Marion.  Melva taught several years at St. Paul and I was on the school board for several years.

I began practicing law in Grant County in 1995, entering into my father’s (Frank O. McLane) and my brother’s (Bruce McLane) law firm.  My law practice consisted primarily of family law, bankruptcy and criminal defense.  In 2004, I was appointed as Juvenile Referee for Grant Superior Court 2 by Judge Randall Johnson.  As Juvenile Referee, I worked part-time for the court and presided over all juvenile delinquency cases and all paternity cases (children born out of wedlock – custody, parenting time and child support).  I served in this capacity until 2011 when Judge Dana Kenworthy appointed me to the newly created position of Juvenile Magistrate for Grant Superior Court 2.   As Juvenile Magistrate, I have been a full-time judicial officer for more than 8 years.

I have been a member of the judicial Domestic Relations Committee of Indiana wherein we drafted the last two iterations of the Indiana Child Support Guidelines and the Parenting Time Guidelines.

I truly appreciate being given the opportunity to serve as Juvenile Magistrate.  In addition to presiding over all juvenile delinquency and paternity cases, I now also hear the Title IV-D child support collection cases, protective orders, and all initial criminal hearings scheduled for Friday morning.  During the past 8 years, I have had the opportunity to preside over several jury trials for Grant Superior Court 2.  I have filled in as needed for Judge Mark Spitzer in his Veterans’ Treatment Court (VTC) and Drug Court.  Additionally, I have filled in for Judge Kenworthy in her Family Recovery Court (FRC) and CHINS court.

I recognize that few people enjoy walking into the courthouse.  Unfortunately, they are faced with extremely stressful situations that involve their family, freedom or finances.  I believe it is imperative that a judicial officer recognize the stress our litigants experience just walking into a court of law. 

I believe our “problem solving courts” (VTC, Drug Court and FRC) are similar to juvenile court in that the overriding objective of all the courts is rehabilitation.  In Juvenile Court, the goal is to help a child not enter into criminal activity as an adult.  In the “problem solving courts”, the goal is to assist our residents in dealing with substance addictions and get out of the court system.  It is no secret that our community is facing a crisis with regards to substance use.  I would imagine just about every family has been touched in some way by this serious problem, and too often it has had a tragic impact on the families of Grant County. 

We face a serious challenge in Grant County.  I believe the crises that our families are dealing with at this time will have repercussions with their children as they reach the age of maturity.  There are no silver bullets to slay this beast, but I believe it is imperative that our judicial system be actively involved in assisting all the people of Grant County in any way possible.

I believe I have the demonstrated experience to be the next Judge, Grant Superior Court 3.  I am ready to serve the people of Grant County and I am asking for your support and vote on May 5, 2020.  Thank you.

Jason McVicker

My name is Jason McVicker and I respectfully request your vote for Grant County Superior Court 3 Judge. I was born and raised in Marion, Indiana and attended Marion High School, Purdue University, and Regent Law School. I am a member of the Indiana and Florida State Bars, and Grant County Bar Association. Currently, I am the Marion City Court Judge, a partner at Spitzer Herriman Step Holderead Conner & Persinger, LLP, and the Swayzee Town Attorney. I have judicial, civil, and prosecutorial experience. Below are some of my work experiences over the past two decades. 

  • Marion City Court Judge: hear cases involving ordinance violations, infraction offenses and misdemeanor violations, serve as the on-call Judge two months each year; helped implement the Odyssey Case Management System. 
  • Spitzer Herriman Stephenson Holderead Conner & Persinger: civil attorney engaged in the practice of law which focuses on family law, immigration, probate and estate planning, finance and banking, civil litigation, and real estate. 
  • Swayzee Town Attorney: since 2013, provide legal counsel regarding municipal issues; attend Town Council meetings; prosecute local ordinance violations. 
  • Prosecutor: served as a deputy prosecutor in Grant County; served as a deputy prosecutor in Collier County and Brevard County, Florida: managed a docket of approximately 450 misdemeanor cases and 250 felony cases; successfully laid the Scientific Predicate in reference to a breath test in a driving under the influence case; wrote briefs and successfully argued seven appeals; prosecuted misdemeanors, sex crimes, gun crimes, and murder cases; introduced deer DNA during a jury trial that successfully led to a conviction. 

I enjoy being involved in my community. I serve on the Family Services Society Board and Hanfield United Methodist Church Staff Parish Relations Committee. I am a former member of the District 6 Access to Justice Pro Bono Committee, Grant County Chapter, former Legal Chairman for the United Way Campaign, and former member of the Board of Trustees of the Robert H. Faulkner Charter School. My wife Nicole and I are blessed to have two wonderful children – Addison and Austin – who are both gth generation Grant County residents. 

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible on the campaign trail and hope to earn your vote as the Grant County Superior Court 3 Judge. It is my desire to give my best to the residents of Grant County and use my God-given abilities to serve the community I love. 

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