Mississinewa Students Put on “The Wedding Singer” Musical

by Katherine Perryman

Mississinewa High School students have been working hard to bring the community a musical based off the popular ’90s romantic comedy “The Wedding Singer.”

The premiere was on Friday night at the Marion Civic Theatre. There were a total of 179 people in attendance, despite another major high school event happening at the same time. The next couple of showings are expected to be just as successful.

The dedication and work ethic each student put into making the play a reality is truly astounding.

Virginia Kellogg, one the participants, shared just how much work was put into the production. In the week leading up to production, students stayed after school until nearly 1 a.m., preparing set design, costumes, and doing rehearsals. It wasn’t just a play, it brought people together working on a shared goal to provide a place for new friendships to form and built comradery among everyone involved.

Miss Kellogg shared her most fond memory was during one particular practice when they were working on the song “Single” and they all began partying together. “It just all came together at exactly the right time,” she shared. She plays the parts ‘Sideburns Lady’ and ‘Cyndi Lauper impersonator’.

There will be two additional showings for anyone in the community interested in supporting the Mississinewa High School drama club.

One of the showings is today (Saturday) at 2:00. The other is tonight at 7:30.

Tickets can be purchased at the Marion Civic Theatre where the play is being hosted. They are $10 for adults and $5 for students.

Photo taken from MCSC Schools Facebook page.

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