Mother of Madison Grant Jr. High student continues to fight for her son’s education.

By Jackie Vest

Heather Hummer plans on finding legal council after Madison Grant still refuses to meet the educational needs of her son, A 7th grade special needs student with an IEP. Individualized Education Program.

Individualized Education Program (IEP) – Is the written plan that describes how the student will participate in the general education curriculum (if appropriate) and identifies the special education and related services that the school will provide to the student. 

“My son is not receiving services listed on his IEP and needs additional services.” Hummer stresses she has been fighting this battle since September 2019 and still no changes. A meeting took place in October for accommodations to be made for the 7th grade student’s IEP Plan. Now January and still no changes have been made.

Hummer states, “Getting them to return my calls has been very discouraging. Since returning calls was so difficult for them, they started sending mails. “And I was told at one point they do not have the staff for my son’s needs.”

Channel 27 asked Hummer if she has contacted superintendent Dr. Deetz about the situation at hand and Hummer states,” Dr. Deetz is not worried about my son’s education. I have been begging for help since September! When the issue came up with the restrooms, I was irritated. If Dr. Deetz would put just as much energy into the educational concerns and needs of ALL students, maybe parents like myself wouldn’t feel so defeated.”

“I’m also concerned about what would happen if I did go to Deetz for help… Like the MG bus driver that was threatened to not speak an opinion on a matter or be fired. Deetz is a bully. He worries more about silencing people then doing what is right for the school district.”

The Indiana division of the American Civil Liberties Union filed suit on behalf of a Madison-Grant United School Corp. bus driver, James “Randy” Sizelove, alleging district officials violated his First Amendment rights by suspending him when he spoke out against a proposed plan. The free speech lawsuit was filed in August 2019 and still on going. 

“I don’t want my children attacked for me speaking up and not being silenced. My children’s education is important to me and the school should feel the same way.”

“I am the only voice my children have. I will continue to fight for their educational needs!”

Another meeting has been set up for February. Hummer says she still plans on seeking legal guidance now, in hopes the school will follow IEP Plan and Disability Act laws.

Channel 27 will continue to follow up on this story.


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