Oak Hill Employee Arrested for Unauthorized Use of School Credit Cards

On Tuesday, March 10th, Kayla Nestleroad, an employee of Oak Hill United School Corporation was arrested and charged with both theft and corrupt business influence.

According to the probable cause affidavit we received, Nestleroad was employed at Oak Hill “in the accounts payable and purchasing division.”

This job came with control over two credit cards owned by the school. The first card had a credit limit of $50,000 and was to be used by Nestleroad “to pay bills that were received by the school corporation.” The second card had a $5,000 credit limit, and that card was to be used to Nestleroad for “her travel expenses when she traveled for school corporation purposes.”

The Business Manager for the Oak Hill United School Corporation, Debra Smith, told investigators that Nestleroad made approximately $40,000 worth of unauthorized purchases on the school credit cards, which she had been entrusted with to use for school expenses.

Investigators were able to gain access to the credit card records, which showed the details of Nestleroad’s spending spree. It seems, however, that not all purchases were detailed in the probable cause affidavit, because they only add up to approximately $6,600, and the accusations against Nestleroad claim that the total purchases added up to more than $40,000.

Here are the detailed purchases that are included in the affidavit:

  • Needler’s Grocery Store: $1,356.76
  • Fall Recreational Soccer Program (for her children): $80
  • Amazon (multiple purchases): $921.71
  • Holiday Inn Express in Marion: $124.99
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods: $2,440.84
  • Bruner Dental Care in Marion: $1,161.20
  • K West Studios in Avon (a beauty salon): $1,541.99
  • Young Living Essential Oils (online): $203.99

When Kayla Nestleroad was confronted by investigators about her unauthorized use of Oak Hill’s credit cards, she tried to claim that she wasn’t the one making the purchases. She tried to say that it was actually her brother, Craig Nestleroad, who had “made the purchases through force and threat of force against” her.

Eventually, Kayla Nestleroad admitted that the claims about her brother were not true and that she was the person making all of the purchases.

Debra Smith shared with the investigators some text messages that she had received from Nestleroad, who was trying to explain her reasons for using the school credit cards in unauthorized ways.

The text messages included Nestleroad saying that she was in a “dark place” and was struggling with depression and mental health problems, which led her to start seeking treatment. She also explained that the entire last year had been a “nightmare” and that she tried numbing herself with “men, money, lies and leaving my kids places so I could go get drunk and forget everything.”

Despite whatever mental health issues Nestleroad may be battling, she is still being charged with theft and corrupt business influence.

Here are the charges Nestleroad is now facing:

Nestleroad was given a $15,000 bond, which she posted immediately, meaning she will probably stay out of jail until her court date.

We will provide updates to this story as they become available.

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