Oak Hill Student Makes Threats, Parents Not Notified

On Thursday, January 30th, the Grant County Sheriff’s Department arrested an Oak Hill eighth-grade student for making threats against the school. On Friday, the junior high principal, Greg Perkins, decided to also suspend the student.

The threats were made while students played a game in gym class. This specific student apparently grew angry during the game and said that he was going to shoot people in the junior high.

According to the Chronicle Tribune, one witness told law enforcement that they did not think the threat was serious and that they were not afraid of the student or whatever actions they were threatening to take.

Nevertheless, in a comment to the Chronicle Tribune, Grant County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Tim Holtzleiter said “with the world we live in today, you can’t make those kinds of comments. Times have changed.” That’s why, even if the student wasn’t serious about these threats, law enforcement felt they had to take action.

The student was taken to the Grant County Juvenile Detention Center and is charged with intimidating a school corporation, which is a level six felony.

While this child is no longer present at the school, parents are still feeling a lot of concern and even outrage surrounding this incident.

Multiple parents reached out to us, claiming that they never received any notification from Oak Hill. Some parents told us that they found out about the incident through posts on social media, and others said that they found out from their children.

Brittani Flowers gave us the following statement:

I am FURIOUS!!! I should never have had to find out that my 14yr old 8th grade sons life was in danger on Social media!! Then to text him and him confirm it all to me and that the school didn’t take it seriously on previous occasions either is even more Infuriating!!

Flowers continued by telling us that her son believes the student in question is a female student. Her son also says he does not think the school took the threats seriously enough.

Another parent, Sarah Schafer, echoed many of Flowers’ concerns.

I was not notified with any kind of phone call, text or an email, AT ALL about the incident. I learned about it from reading the chronical tribune on facebook. I am not a happy camper about it. They could have at LEAST sent an email to parents letting us know there was a situation and that it was taken care of.

Schafer told us that her son did not say anything about the incident after school on Thursday, but on Friday he told her that he has only heard rumors from other students and that school officials have not talked directly to the children about what happened.

Schafer tried calling the junior high on Friday afternoon, while we were speaking, and she was sent to voicemail.

We also attempted to reach both the Oak Hill Junior High Principal and the Oak Hill Superintendent on Friday, but we were sent directly to voicemail, as well.

We have reached out to the Grant County Sheriff’s Department to ask for a statement, but we are still waiting for their official response.

3 thoughts on “Oak Hill Student Makes Threats, Parents Not Notified

  • January 31, 2020 at 4:10 pm

    I think parents should have been notified immediately. We have had so many shooting from elementary schools to country concerts. Why would someone not be able to accomplish a shooting here? Any threat should be taken seriously at the moment it happens, then parents should be allerted immediately. The principal should be reprimanded by the school board as well. This was poor thinling on his part.

  • February 1, 2020 at 5:37 am

    Actually each case should be judged on the actual occurrence. Kids also say things that they dont mean. To automatically make a felon of a kid for a remark. Come on. Wake up and grow a pair America.

  • February 2, 2020 at 12:28 pm

    This isn’t the first time the school has done this. There was and incident in the 17-18 school year that a kid brought a gun to school with the on the bus and we weren’t notified until 6-7 pm that night. The kids parent said the “accidentally” left a gun in their kids backpack, in the middle of the week. Nothing was ever done to the parent or student. It’s why my husband and I moved our kids to a different school the following year. Terrible school


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