Student Actors Preparing for Annual Black History Play This Weekend

by Holland Martin and Chaylee Brock

On Saturday, February 29th, members of Marion High School’s Black History Club will perform their annual play, Superheroes.

The school has been putting on this play every year since 1980, and it’s always their largest fundraising event, which helps pay for the students to go on tours of historically black colleges and universities.

This year’s play will be on Saturday at 7:00 at the Walton Center. Tickets are available now for $7, which you can buy from any member of the MHS Black History Club or the school’s main office. Tickets will also be available at the door on Saturday.

Our own Holland Martin sat down with the club sponsor and the student actors to learn more about their roles in the play and about them personally.

Mrs. Bobbie Owensby:

Mrs. Owensby is the sponsor of the Black History Club at MHS and helps create this play every year. She told Holland Martin that she and the students write the play and come up with ideas for it, including creating the characters and the structure of the play.

The play starts in the 1940s and makes its way through today, highlighting different black heroes throughout the years.

After the basics are nailed down, Mrs. Owensby said she then puts the play in the hands of the students and has them put the play in the language of today’s youth, despite the fact that she claims people of all ages will be able to enjoy this short history lesson.

She is very proud of the cast and young people in this production.

Matthew Ontiveros:

Mr. Ontiveros is a senior at MHS, and he plays Joey in the upcoming play. He says he has had previous stage experience, but being involved in this play really means a lot to him. He says he enjoys learning about new cultures, new concepts, and the way people live.

Khabreya Cobb:

Miss Cobb is also a senior at MHS and is playing the character named Antiqua this Saturday. She says she is very excited and grateful that Mrs. Owensby trusted her with this role, especially since this is the first time she’s ever acted. Miss Cobb, however, has performed for years as a dancer, and she said the change from dancing to acting was fairly easy.

She said that she loves the plot of this play, and she thinks it will be an enjoyable experience for the audience.

James Bell:

Mr. Bell told Holland Martin that he believes this play is a great opportunity to see MHS students displaying their talents and for them to show their peers what they can do, while also sharing these stories with both the school and local community. He also believes the play is an outlet for them and also an opportunity to step up in the face of new challenges.

He said it is a joy to represent the Black History play as a character this year, and he said they will work hard to put on the best production possible.

Mark Evans:

Mr. Evans is a senior this year at MHS, and he has been given the role of a character named Oo Wee. He said he loves the fun-loving personality of the character, and it sometimes feels like he’s only acting like himself in this role.

Troy Jones:

Mr. Jones is also a senior this year at MHS, and he will be playing the role of Terrance in this weekend’s production. He said he loves this role because his character is a leader and people look up to him.

This is Mr. Jones’ first time being on a stage, but he said he thinks it will be a good experience, because it will help him get over his fear of being in front of people. He expects these new skills will also help him in college and eventually in the business world.

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