Suspect Arrested for January Shooting, Possible Connection to Marion Murder

We recently received the probable cause affidavit used to arrest Cody Ryan Hickman (27), who was apprehended on Thursday, in connection with a shooting that occurred in Jonesboro in late January.

We also learned that Hickman is a person of interest in the death of Deandre Oliver, who was found dead on South Meridian Street in Marion early Tuesday morning. While we have learned Hickman is being questioned about Oliver’s murder, we were not able to get any additional information about that ongoing investigation at this time.

The probable cause affidavit we received gives us more information about the January shooting in Jonesboro, though, and it helps prove Hickman’s role in that initial incident.

On January 21st, we brought you images from the scene of the shooting in a Facebook post, but we had little information at the time.

From the affidavit, we have now learned that Cody Hickman and a black female were seen outside of the apartment where the shooting took place by a maintenance man who was there to do some repairs. The apartment was being rented by a man named Sebastian Herrera (18), who was later transferred to Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne for a bullet wound to the side.

Hickman and the female went up to Herrera’s second-story apartment. According to Herrera, the female knocked on his door and said that a man was “going to put hands on” her, and she asked if she could use his phone. Herrera let the female into his apartment and shut and locked the door behind her. It was then that Hickman began shooting through the door with a Glock 19 (9mm) and struck Herrera in the side.

In response, Herrera grabbed his AK-47 and began shooting back at Hickman, who then took off running from the scene, and the female ran from the apartment, as well.

When police received the 911 call and appeared on the scene, they found Herrera with the gunshot wound to the side and had him transported to Lutheran.


Police received a tip from an inmate, who had just been apprehended by the Marion Police Department on an unrelated charge and asked to speak with the investigators overseeing the shooting case in Jonesboro.

The inmate claimed that he was at a Gas City residence with Hickman, who had a bullet wound on his foot, which Hickman said came from an AK-47. While at the Gas City residence, he witnessed the wound bleeding through the bandaging, which Hickman told him had been put on by a neighbor named “Crumb.” The neighbor was later identified as Dave Johnson.

Following the tip, police searched Dave Johnson’s apartment and found “gauze and a white tank top in the bathroom trash that contained red stains consistent with blood,” as well as a cell phone that showed the name Breonna on the home screen and was believed to have belonged to Hickman’s girlfriend.

Further searching also turned up “rags, towels, a small rug, gauze and a sock with what appeared to be a bullet hole, all had red stains consistent with blood” in Johnson’s apartment.

While speaking with police, Dave Johnson admitted that, yes, he knew Cody Hickman well and had helped him bandage up his foot, which had a bullet wound. Johnson described the wound by saying that there was a small, clean bullet hole in the top of Hickman’s foot, but he described the bottom of Hickman’s foot as being “blown out,” which would be consistent with a wound caused by an AK-47.

On January 25th, four days after the shooting in Jonesboro, police were dispatched to a residence in Marion in the early morning hours. Once there, police found Hickman and his girlfriend, Breonna Elkins, fighting in the front yard.

Officers noticed that Hickman was only wearing a shoe on his left foot, and the right foot was bandaged up and covered only by a sock. A police officer mentioned Hickman’s injured foot, asking if he could take a look at the injury, but Hickman refused to let him.

The responding officers also told Hickman that the Indiana State Police would like to talk to him about the shooting in Jonesboro, but Hickman refused to cooperate. He then had his mother come and pick him up.

The officers also asked Breonna Elkins if she would be willing to talk with the Indiana State Police about the shooting, but she also refused and took off walking on foot.

All of this information was included in the probably cause affidavit that led to an arrest warrant being issued for Cody Hickman. He was arrested on Thursday, February 27th, by the Marion Police Department.

Hickman has been charged with Attempted Muder (a Level 1 Felony) and Aggravated Battery (a Level 3 Felony).

We are still waiting for more information about whether or not Hickman was connected to the murder of Deandre Oliver and what additional charges he may face. We will provide updates as they become available.


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