Two Young Men Pull Marion Resident from Burning Home

On Sunday, June 21st, a home in the 3000th block of South Adams in Marion caught fire while a resident slept on the living room couch.

Luckily, Marcus Harvey and Tre’ Jones were driving down the street when they both noticed smoke. Marcus told Channel 27 that he first thought someone was burning some trees behind the house, but Tre’ realized it was the house itself that was on fire. When the two stopped, a crowd had already congregated outside of the home.

When Marcus and Tre’ asked the crowd of people what was going on, they were told the house was on fire and that a man was still somewhere inside.


Placing their own lives in danger, the pair knew they had to jump into action. The two managed to kick the door down, find the man, who was still lying on the couch, and pull him from the home. The man was transferred to Marion General Hospital to be checked for injuries.

Fire Investigator Brandon Eckstien told Channel 27 that the man, identified as Guy Tarlton, had put a pot on the stove but then fell asleep on the couch. The fire, ruled an accident, was started when the grease in the pot caught fire. From there, the fire spread into the living room and utility room.

After Mr. Tarlton was taken to Marion General Hospital, he was transferred to Lutheran. Eckstien says that Mr. Tarlton has first- and third-degree burns over 34% of his body, and he is currently in a medically-induced coma.

As for Marcus Harvey and Tre’ Jones, Eckstien says “we appreciate them assisting us” and “we’re very grateful for what they did.”

Eckstien also asked us to remind Grant County residents to make sure to have working smoke detectors in their homes, because if it hadn’t been for Marcus and Tre’ coming to the rescue and waking Mr. Tarlton up from his nap, the outcome of this fire could have been much worse.

Here is video footage Channel 27 obtained on-scene. We were also able to interview Marcus Harvey and Tre’ Jones.

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Tonight we will bring you updates on the three major stories from this past weekend. First, we will take you this morning’s motorcycle crash involving Dustin Cox. Then, we will take you to the scene of Saturday mornings crash on 4th and Butler and we will end tonight’s webcast with the full story of the fire on South Adams

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