Upland Native, Former Athlete Arrested for Sexual Assault in Muncie

On Tuesday, an Upland native and former football player for Eastbrook High School, Justin Olen Ray Singer (20), was arrested and charged in Delaware County for a sexual assault committed back in December.

According to the Star Press, Singer was charged with rape (a Level 3 Felony) and strangulation (a Level 6 Felony) in Circuit Court 4. He faces up to 16 years in prison for the rape charge and another 30 months for the strangulation charge.

Singer posted bail, set at $25,000, and is no longer being held in the Delaware County jail.

The woman Singer is accused of assaulting lives on the north side of Muncie, and she invited Singer to her home after the two communicated on both Snapchat and Twitter in December of 2019.

According to the affidavit, Singer kissed the woman, but she told him that she did not want anything sexual to happen between the two. It was then that Singer took off his shirt, to expose a knife he was wearing around his neck.


Despite the woman protesting and even saying she needed to leave the house, Singer allegedly forced himself on her, occasionally showing her the knife in his possession.

Following the alleged assault, the Star Press says Singer “spit on her before leaving her house, saying, ‘I don’t know why you would have invited me alone if you didn’t want it.'”

The woman went to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital following the alleged attack, where an officer claims he saw “visible bruising on her neck and on her legs,” from where Singer allegedly strangled the woman while sexually assaulting her.

Singer does not have any prior criminal record. His court date is currently set for March 30th.

A court order has been issued to keep him from having any contact with his accuser.

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