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Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are our own.

The Ustyme Kids App gives parents and grandparents interact with their kids or grandkids on a regular basis even if they do not live nearby.

This free to use kids app was given the Google Editor’s Choice App Award.

The best part is you can read books together or play games and actually see one another while you are doing it!

Why The Ustyme Kids App Appealed To Me

Like many grandparents, my grandchildren live far enough away from me that I do not get to interact with them on a daily or even weekly basis.

This makes me sad as I want to be part of their lives and interact with them.

I do talk to them on the phone, but it isn’t the same as being able to do things together like read books or play games.

That is why when I heard about the Ustyme Kids App I wanted to give it a try.

How We Interacted On The Ustyme Kids App

I read the book Three Little Pigs to my granddaughter, then she wanted to play Rock Paper Scissors.

We played several rounds but at this point had more issues with the connection.

It was an enjoyable experience though for all of us. Here are our thoughts –

My daughter said she wished it had more educational features.

I read the book to my granddaughter and she followed along but I don’t feel the story did anything to teach her to read.

It was more of an enjoyable interaction than an educational one.

My granddaughter – who was 6 years old at the time – said “I liked the game.”

She said because she was winning and I was not!

She also said she liked the graphics.

The rock, paper and scissors were cute.

My Opinion Of The Ustyme Kids App

This was a fairly easy and fun app to use, but we did experience some technical difficulties.

We ended up getting disconnected several times during our interaction.

To be fair, I was using an iPhone and my granddaughter was using a PC, so I am not sure if that was part of the issue or not.

I was able to quickly reconnect with her when we did get disconnected.

I loved the video option, as did my granddaughter.

I do recommend this app for anyone far away from their children, grandchildren or other young family members who wish to spend more time interacting with one another in a fun and meaningful way.

For those interested in knowing more about my thoughts and the technical issues we experienced, please read the Ustyme Kids App Review.

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